Ten Steps in Converting the Attic Into a Livable Space

Attic Ideas

There is little purpose for a large attic but storage. Nevertheless, if you own a garage, the upper part of it can be utilized or designated as a storage space. These days, with the economy in a frenzy, every homeowner should learn how to save every dollar in every way possible. If you think your home space is cramped, instead of moving to a larger home, why not consider converting your attic into a livable area.

All it takes is your patience and several weeks of hard work. You can transform your attic into a comfortable and beautiful living space in just a few short weeks. Here are tips on how to convert your attic into a livable space.

1. Clean all the clutter in the attic first. Clutter makes the space very unappealing and could also cause serious health risks. Make sure to clean from wall to wall and from top to bottom. Depending on the amount of sterilization you would need, you have to adjust the cleaning solution to the task. If your attic requires heavy-duty cleaning, you should use home cleaning remedies such as apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

2. Deal with mildew issues if there are. Keep in mind that you have to use protective gear such as gloves and goggles when applying bleach to the affected area using a sponge. Let bleach sit for thirty minutes and rinse with a TSP solution.

3. When you are through cleaning, you can start to paint the ceiling and trimmings with white. Trimmings are the frame for the windows, chair rail, crown molding and base. Painting them in white provides a streamlined and sophisticated look to the room.

4. Consider the furniture you are going to need in the room and decide what is taking up too much space. It is easy to over-accessorize the room and get caught up with your conversion process. However, you should avoid doing this since it will just crowd the space and make the place feel and look small.

5. Lighting is important in order to maximize the use of the attic space or any space for that matter. Make sure to choose the appropriate lighting and take into consideration what you plan to use the room for and work with the idea.

6. Choose a neutral color paint to update the look of the room. Tan is a good shade idea. A neutral color gives the room a universal appeal.

7. Make certain that all electrical outlets are properly installed. Outlets should be located in every four or six feet along walls and computer, phone and television ports as well if you want them in the room.

8. If the stairs leading to the attic is no more than a fold-down ladder or a very old stairs, you have to replace it with something more functional.

9. Consider if there are windows in the attic. If there are, you should take into consideration their quality. Otherwise, you should replace them with good quality storm windows. If there are no windows and you only have a vent in wall end, consider cutting a new vent.

10. Insulate the walls and the ceiling as soon as the wiring is complete. Choose insulation that has the highest R-rating that you can afford such as R-16 for walls and R-30 or more for the ceiling. Make it a point to cut each roll into sections, insert them between studs with the vapour barrier facing the room interior, then staple the side flaps to every stud in every six inches.

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