9 Great Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Attic Space

Attic Ideas

Renovating an attic means you can add lots of useful space to your home. Normally, attics are full of junk from ages ago; there is no better time than now to think of a better way to use such valuable space within your home.

Attics are not meant to be dirty, dark, and moldy. Very much the contrary, they should be modern, cozy, bright and beautifully designed spaces that bring value to your home and life.

One of the challenging situations attics present is the low ceiling that limits its use. However, a professional interior designer knows the clever design principles and the best remodeling strategies to take 100% advantage of these difficult areas in a practical and beautiful way.

Here are 9 great ways to take full advantage of your attic space and to enjoy it as much as you enjoy the rest of your home:

1. Storage area

Use the space along the attic’s walls as storage area, using shelves, drawers, niches, or cupboards. In this way you add value to your home, you keep the place organized and free of clutter, keep people away from low ceiling areas, don’t need standing dressers and bookcases, and maximize the use of dead zone areas.

2. Change the stairs

Very often, the stairs to the attic are built to use a lot of the attic’s floor space that you could put to better use. In order to solve this, you can locate the stairs on the low roof side by breaking the stairs up with two half flights and a landing, by working with the roof line’s slope by having stairs that go down to a landing before changing direction, or by adding a skylight to the stairwell.

3. Place furniture

You can put furniture under low ceiling areas to maximize their use. Locate the head of the bed there, a couch or chair, a dresser, desk, bookcase, or entertainment unit.

4. Skylights

These add lots of light to dark attics and are easy to install. Skylights on sloped roofs give the sensation of more vertical space in the room. They go great in bathrooms above sinks, in built-in bathroom shower stalls, above built-in bed or desk niches, in kitchens, main living areas, and stairwells.

5. Reflect light

Walls, ceiling, floor, and objects in the room can absorb or reflect light. Light colors on walls and ceiling next to the windows help natural light flow throughout the space. Paint ceilings and walls white, use hardwood floors or light carpets, and use mirrors and other reflective surfaces to produce the feeling of a larger space.

6. Add enough lighting

If your attic is a little dark, think about the kind of lighting that will light it up, perhaps, overhead lighting, lamps, wall lighting, or task lighting.

7. Dormers

These add natural light and usable space, add height to bathrooms, kitchens, seating areas, and niches for desks. Dormers will help you gain more space in the middle of the attic to improve movement and circulation.

8. Windows

Add natural light and open up the space. Choose wide or tall windows, or both, to allow light to penetrate deep into the attic.

9. Build a bathroom

A small bathroom in the attic is a great way to use low spaces. Use the low roof side to put the toilet, the sink, or the shower. You can add a skylight over the sink for more light, a bench along the shower wall, or a skylight over the shower to add more headroom.

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