6 Great Attic Redesign Ideas

Attic Ideas

Chances are your attic is not a great place to live right now. Maybe it is full of old objects you will never use again, or maybe it is a place of your house you have completely forgotten. An attic does not have to be ugly! Many designers are now doing redesign projects that turn an old attic into a wonderful room which can have many purposes. We will see a short list of ideas for a great attic redesign, including the most original ones.

Attic library

If you are a real geek and you really don’t like modern e-book readers, there is no better thing to do than converting your attic into a small library. It can be the place where you store books and your retreat for your literary missions. Books are a great way to use empty spaces and they make both our houses and our brains work better.

Rock Climbing Gym

Ok, you don’t read often. You are a real athlete, a gym enthusiast, and you want to use your attic for something different: have you considered a rock climbing gym? The natural features of the room will make it the ideal environment to practice this sport. Come on, weightlifting is so old-fashioned, let’s try something new.


PlayStation, Wii, XBox and what else? Your inner kid will thank you forever if you create a playroom out of your old boring attic. If you work at home, the risk is not getting any work done anymore. Choose a playful design style (orange as a colour is recommended) to make it coherent.

Attic disco

Instead of going out with your friends, invite them over for a home disco with music and lights. Your attic could turn into the most trendy place in town. Make sure your neighbours are OK with that!


Maybe you have seen walk-in closets in movies only. That’s ok, it is a very posh thing. But if your wardrobe is too full, transforming your attic might be the only feasible solution. It will look like a shop, but it can be fun to walk around and pick your shirt for the day.

Attic Movie Theater

Everybody has thought about that. Why spending a lot of money every week to get movie tickets when you have the space to build a small, invite-only movie theater in your attic? If you are a real movie geek this is an offer you cannot refuse.

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